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<pelican> Damn, just found an odd line in my log when searching for you
<pelican> <rar> I need you to sex a ninja for me...
<damnrar> :D
<damnrar> I bleed quotes
#532 ( 7
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<vargus> now can i actually handle a 50 incher...
#173 ( 4
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<&NWA[BUSY]> running down the streeeeeeet, your chance of survival is bleeeeeeak, with needle in my hand, all the girls are like:
<+StopD> *eeeeeeeeeeeek!*
#6 ( 3
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<DeathWolf> DerIdiot|work, aka derder, real name bob lemming, loves to yawn after going OVER NINE THOUSAND in his nice boat during a delicious lunch where he eats everything.
#70 ( 3
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<slush> http://static.anidb.net/css/icons/flags/anidb_audio_swedish.gif
<slush> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_flag
<slush> this flag isn't in the proper colours
<bouncingzip> sweden isn't a proper country
<slush> :c
<slush> the flag also doesn't have the proper ratio
<entropy> Well, everyone can edit Wikipedia pages, so go and fix it
<slush> no i meant the anidb one
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<pelican> You don't have to be asexual to reject a woman
<worf> are you saying you actually have a functional libido?
<pelican> ....and before someone says it you don't have to be gay either
<pelican> worf: I have testicles, I just don't keep my grey matter in them
<Phishie> white matter?
<benu> it must be grey matter by now
<Phishie> *highfive benu*
pelican rolls his eyes
#250 ( 3
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<DerIdiot> so any ideas when we can do the pg upgrade, exp?
<EXP[BUSY]> hard to say, I have a lot on my hands atm
<EXP[BUSY]> probably more august/september'ish
<DerIdiot> should prolly last till then
<DerIdiot> but really you are doing your job wrong
<DerIdiot> you never seem to have had a day off in the past 5,6 years
<worf> well, he had a bunch of pleasu....business trips to thailand
<DerIdiot> yeah these diabolical shemales
<DerIdiot> maybe i should dress up like a girl and get exp to do stuff for me
#12 ( 2
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<deadcat> i've seen two skilled little girls go at it together, was quite a sight
#68 ( 2
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<azak> what is the differenz between Anidb O matic and webaom
<DerIdiot> 1gb of ram
#175 ( 2
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<Magus> nwa - what i mean let's say i just watched some random episode of trigun on tv
<Magus> i don't remember what episode
<Magus> if i come here to ask for suggestion people will check my list
<Magus> and maybe suggest trigun
<Magus> but i already have a good idea about it
<Magus> therefore i want to put it into my list but i don't remember what episodes i have watched
<Magus> and therefore i just can't pick the episode from the list
<nwa> !flip 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26
<pelican> Tails: 13
<nwa> !flip 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26
<pelican> Tails: 2
<nwa> you've seen eps 2 and 13
<hrm> lol nwa
<nwa> add them to your mylist
<Magus> ^^' well ok i understand
#178 ( 2
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<msr> oh a questionlist
<msr> means I have to work
<msr> ^^;
<msr> explain the von neuman cyclus in short please :P
<Starwhite> they give you questions and let you use the pc?
<msr> it's not for points
<Starwhite> just write http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Von_Neumann_architecture
<msr> in short Starwhite ^^
<Starwhite> tinyurl.com/lnclr
#180 ( 2
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<antennen> what formats can an anime image be? just jpg, png and gif?
<rar> ascii
<antennen> ascii?
<antennen> for real?
<rar> no, I'm a windup merchant :
<rar> D
<antennen> :P
<rar> ...who's had his face cut in half
<antennen> :/
<rar> :
<rar> /
<antennen> :P
<rar> :
<rar> P
<antennen> -.-;
<rar> ...stop tempting me
#192 ( 2
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<horo> http://www.channel4.com/life/microsites/G/gayometer/gayometer.html ehehehehehe
<pelican> um, they ask the only relevant question on the first page
<bouncingzip> do you screw people of the same sex?
<pelican> Yeah
<pelican> ...I mean... that's what they ask
#199 ( 2
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* +msr screams in agony
<%zeropyonder> <msr> i need my damn uncapped line >_< <-there you go
#208 ( 2
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<Phishie> Are the consumers of podcasts considered to be 'pod people?'
<DerIdiot|work> your questions are... deep
<DerIdiot|work> stupid as shit, but... deep
#221 ( 2
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<DerIdiot> you are so cute, Phishie
<Phishie> What's the anidb quote db url again so I can simply add "DerIdiot: you are so cute, Phishie" out of context by itself as a quote?
<DerIdiot> i'm the one grantign the quotes, Phishie
<DerIdiot> so that would never pass
#228 ( 2
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<marcan> I thought my 10T would last me 5 years but at this rate...
<marcan> /dev/mapper/stor-data 10T 5.4T 4.6T 54% /data
<APTX> marcan: what, are you playing communist leader making 5 year plans?
#232 ( 2
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* guest_1184 has joined #anidb
<guest_1184> I got band for no reason
<Chroniko> Usually they play music
#535 ( 2
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<Crescens2k> ok, so for whatever reason, a program i was uninstalling wanted to close my irc client, and it had nothing to do with it -_-;
<APTX> maybe it was spying on you
<Crescens2k> i wouldn't be surprised, everything is these days
<Watarase_Jun> big brother watches you fap
<APTX> funny thing to say to your younger brother -.-
#536 ( 2
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<hrm> do note that at the time I ordered it, that cost 7990 instead of 9990
<DerIdiot> coconuts?
<hrm> SEK
<hrm> or even: SEKs
<DerIdiot> so... you are saying you can have OVER 9000 SEKS
<hrm> *_*
<Starwhite> you can have 10 seks for 1 euro
<APTX> that's a lot of seks
<Starwhite> it's cheap in sweden
#975 ( 2
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<APTX> "A German company is promising a new protocol dubbed HTTP-SS"
<DerIdiot|work> why not HTTP-BLITZKRIEG ?
<Wagiri_Remon> so... HiTler Transfer Protocol?
<worf_> port number 88?
<Wagiri_Remon> the final solution in internet protocol?
#978 ( 2
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<Belove> zi honestly have nevet had a problem with people or groups that express ideas that challenge my own values: zi just don't mind that I'm challenged
<aaabbb> Who are zu?
<Belove> i zum buzuv
<CDB-Man> has belove's keyboard turned russian
<CDB-Man> he was hacked by putin
#985 ( 2
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<marcan> I'm curious, how often have you mistaken a piece of hair/fuzz moving along the floor with an air current for a spider? :P
<pelican> I dunno, quite often
<pelican> Everything's a spider until proven otherwise
<DerIdiot> so we all are spiders in your eyes
* pelican has left #pantsureactor (AAAAA SPIDERS)
#998 ( 2
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<hrm> !w bctv 48
<Chii[AR]> WATCHED: Black Clover (2017) - 48, by HorribleSubs (gid: 7172) http://anidb.net/f2154185 FILE STATUS: MARKED WATCHED
#1 ( 1
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<EXP[BUSY]> small anidb update coming up
<d0diro> after a few messages from our sponsors?
<DerIdiot> </ad end>
<^zsozso^> MR???
<^zsozso^> thx but nothnx
<DerIdiot> yeah fresh mr. moo milk
<d0diro> eww
#13 ( 1
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<DerIdiot|Home> right
<DerIdiot|Home> should finally get the new lost ep
<nwa> what?
<nwa> Lost is live action
<DerIdiot|Home> your point nwa?
<nwa> you're not supposed to watch it, you're DerIdiot|away
<nwa> - |away
<DerIdiot|Home> no i'm not
<DerIdiot|Home> I'm DerIdiot|home
<nwa> that's just fucking hilarious, Baka -_-
#20 ( 1
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<DerIdiot> right
<DerIdiot> that was dumb
<DerIdiot> you remember when you earlier asked me for stuff to put in winny?
<rar> yup
<DerIdiot> <rar> rule 冥王計画ゼオライマー + コミック or whatever works
<DerIdiot> i interpreted that as 2 rules
<rar> oh dear
<DerIdiot> just checked winny and it dl like mad
<rar> you know what コミック is?
<rar> komikku
<DerIdiot> now i do ^^;
#50 ( 1
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<DerIdiot> you are not iinnocent anymore you got a gf
<nwa> mayeb they don't have sex...
<Gambit> ;_;
<Gambit> Sex?
<DerIdiot> you hit a weak spot
<Gambit> ... oh, so that`s why she was bugging me all the time when I was watching hentai
<DerIdiot> she wanted to use your pc to watch naruto?
<nwa> but instead you used your hand out of old habit
<Gambit> Nah, she has her own PC to watch her Naruto on
<Gambit> nwa: hand?
<Gambit> Oh ...
* Gambit is now known as Gambit|AFK
<nwa> you use something else?
<Gambit|AFK> bbl
<DerIdiot> hand aka gf of 90% of irc users
<nwa> a foot perhaps?
<nwa> oh
<nwa> he went to try it with his hand
#51 ( 1
+ / -
<rar> :)]
<rar> damn, I'm growing fat
<rar> square double chin
#55 ( 1
+ / -
<DerIdiot> i already started to cream about it last night so i figured i would take a break today ^^;
<DerIdiot> *dream
<DerIdiot> but typo
<DerIdiot> *bad
<DerIdiot> very bad
#59 ( 1
+ / -
#63 ( 1
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<Oph[Away]> My sister and I are alone today, so it should be done in a flash.
* rar watches too much anime
<rar> that last sentence set off incest warning sirens
#66 ( 1
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<pelican> !randomanime unwatched
<Chii[AR]> RANDOM ANIME: Black Jack (2004) (2389), 61 eps, Year: 2004-2006, Rating: 6.47 (14 votes), Reviews: 2 (avg: 7.49), More info: http://anidb.net/a2389 - 1 - The Order of Operations / Disappeared Needle
<StopD> *eeeeeeeeeeeek!*
<DerIdiot> lol
<Chrono63> lol
<pelican> I had the misfortune of having a mouth full of cheese when he did that
#74 ( 1
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<deadcat> http://www.sexuality.org/l/fetish/plushies.html o_O
<hrm> omg
<hrm> I don't want to know how you came across that page >_<
<deadcat> heheh
<WorkForce> deadcat, are you wearing a dead cat skin? ^^
<hrm> Many people assume that the group is just for talking about sex,
<hrm> sexual techniques, and ways to modify plushies to use them for sex.
<hrm> >_<
<deadcat> don't quote from there x_x
<WorkForce> its not that far from asian doll you know
<deadcat> very, very far
<deadcat> and of course i'm wearing a dead cat skin
<hrm> People can be 'too busy', 'too tired' or
<hrm> 'have a headache', but a plushie will never say 'No!' when you crave
<hrm> closeness.
#80 ( 1
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<NWA[BUSY]> already bored
<NWA[BUSY]> if I had my own desk.. with the monitor facing a wall.. there's so much I could do~~
<crimmy> OMG.
<crimmy> GROSS.
<NWA[BUSY]> what?
<NWA[BUSY]> you were thinking that I'd fap at work?
<NWA[BUSY]> I wouldn't even watch porn at work
<NWA[BUSY]> since it's a daytime job
<NWA[BUSY]> at the bank when I was doing nightshifts.. now there I watched porn
<NWA[BUSY]> and got paid for it!
<crimmy> Dude.
<crimmy> Shut up.
<crimmy> XD
<NWA[BUSY]> Dudette
<NWA[BUSY]> why?
<crimmy> Because I really don't want to know why the cashiers double check the bills in case they stick together.
#86 ( 1
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<worf> wer is worfy?
<benu> :P
<benu> soll ich denn deinen richtigen namen benutzen? :P
<worf> "worf" would be enough
<Seigi> AH
<Seigi> germans!
* Seigi hides
<Seigi> *cough* force of habbit..
<benu> you're a jew, seigi?
#96 ( 1
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<DerIdiot> !addfile su(mo)+ 12 f-b w hdd
<Chii[AR]> ADDFILE: Sumomomo Momomo: Chijou Saikyou no Yome - 12, by Froth-Bite (gid: 748), 178.239.429 bytes (fid: 346174) http://anidb.net/f346174 FILE STATUS: ADDED TO MYLIST AS WATCHED - internal storage (hdd)
<rar> funny
<rar> su(?:mo){3} would be funnier
<DerIdiot> no that would be more perverse
<rar> sure, but I bend that way
<DerIdiot> you bend to mo?
<rar> ...that was meeeeean
#103 ( 1
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<bouncingzip> my mother says you're not an idiot after all
<DerIdiot> :(
<bouncingzip> and thought I just refered to you as Bacchus
<bouncingzip> the IRc->reallife boundary is painful
<DerIdiot> the god of wine? oO
<DerIdiot> wtf?
<bouncingzip> I said 'baka', but stumbled, as I realised I wasn't in kansas any more, and would have to explain my strange red shoes
#105 ( 1
+ / -
<benu> my windows suck.. they don't really close up .. so it's like always cold
<bouncingzip> have you tried killing the process, benu?
#114 ( 1
+ / -
<Watarase_Jun> the only thing good about love hina was shinobu
<Reaper|sola|1> love hina was funny :) shinobu was indeed the best
<Wlah> hmm... the type fitting her would be shy/insecure I 'spose?
<Keitarou> Healthy girl who stays in the kitchen, just perfect.
#116 ( 1
+ / -
<%DeathWolf> And shit, my mother found out about the common modern interpretation of hikkikomori, and now she keeps on calling me that:/
#128 ( 1
+ / -
<benu> time for house wheee
<Fafnir> \o/ chuck noris
<Chrono63> haha
<benu> mhh who would win
<benu> house or chuck norris
<sput> o-O
<benu> would chuck norris kick a cripple anyway?
<sput> o_O
<sput> yes
<sput> roundhouse kick to the head at first sight
<DerIdiot> house is the way he is _because_ he got round_house_ kicked by chuck norris
<sput> hahahahaha
<DerIdiot> that's why it's named that way
#134 ( 1
+ / -
<EXP[BUSY]> epoximator, did you see this one? http://forum.anidb.net/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7027
<EXP[BUSY]> %main::atypecolor = (
<EXP[BUSY]> 1 => 'grey', #unknown
<EXP[BUSY]> 2 => '#D0DEF2', #tv
<EXP[BUSY]> 3 => '#F2DED0', #ova
<EXP[BUSY]> 4 => '#D0F2DE', #movie
<EXP[BUSY]> 5 => '#DEDEDE', #other
<EXP[BUSY]> 6 => '#FEDEDE', #web
<EXP[BUSY]> 7 => '#DEFEDE', #tv special
<EXP[BUSY]> 9 => '', #music video
<EXP[BUSY]> );
<EXP[BUSY]> ^any suggestion for colour? @ music video @ relation graphs
<DerIdiot> DEADED :P
<nwa> *DEAD
<DerIdiot> that's 8 character
<DerIdiot> colors are only 6
<nwa> DABEEF
<DerIdiot> hehe
<DerIdiot> <&nwa> DADBEEF <-- that's somewhat scary though
<nwa> that was a typo, pls don't take it out of context, again
<DerIdiot> :D
<EXP[BUSY]> http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=rel&aid=3965
<EXP[BUSY]> a pretty colour, nwa
<EXP[BUSY]> I'll call it nwa-coloured from now on :P
<DerIdiot> so next time you see something pink and think "ew that's gay" you cna now say "ew it's nwa"
#151 ( 1
+ / -
<DerIdiot> "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of publishing AoM 0.6 or sending a man on the Moon and returning him safely without breaking the 500MB of Ram usage barrier. No single programming project... will be more exciting, or more impressive to mankind, or more important...and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish..."
#163 ( 1
+ / -
<nwa> so?
<nwa> of course fags like it up the ass
<nwa> what's your reasoning?
<benu> they are all men.. maybe you'd love it up your ass as well XD
<nwa> well maybe I do, but I date anyone try that
<nwa> *dare
<nwa> +to
<nwa> er...
<benu> tehehehe
#164 ( 1
+ / -
<Smartpal> A boy is a key, a girl is a keyhole
#168 ( 1
+ / -
<DerIdiot> you can keep your topsekret dirty shell scripts though
<EXP[BUSY]> hrhr, I have tons of those
<EXP[BUSY]> and no, you don't even wanna know :P
<EXP[BUSY]> the anidb servers are pretty normal though
<EXP[BUSY]> I have other servers which are configured way more paranoid
<EXP[BUSY]> use the wrong ls or ps parameters and they will ban your ass :P
<DerIdiot> sounds like something you would do
<EXP[BUSY]> to do anything there you need to know the root password and which commands not to use }:o)
<EXP[BUSY]> of which are like 80% any normal shell user would use within the first 60 seconds
<EXP[BUSY]> not that has ever been useful yet (aside of banning my own ass a couple of times x_X)
#170 ( 1
+ / -
<zeromind> !user wisdom
<Chii[AR]> USER: wisdom (17298), anime votes: none yet, anime temp votes: none yet, episode votes: none yet, group votes: none yet, review votes: none yet, mylist: http://anidb.net/u17298 , vote list: http://anidb.net/v17298
<DerIdiot> !user strength
<Chii[AR]> USER: strength (159871), anime votes: none yet, anime temp votes: none yet, episode votes: none yet, group votes: none yet, review votes: none yet, mylist: http://anidb.net/u159871 , vote list: http://anidb.net/v159871
<DerIdiot> !user dexterity
<Chii[AR]> USER: no such user: dexterity
<DerIdiot> !user luck
<Chii[AR]> USER: luck (180844), anime votes: none yet, anime temp votes: none yet, episode votes: none yet, group votes: none yet, review votes: none yet, mylist: http://anidb.net/u180844 , vote list: http://anidb.net/v180844
<DerIdiot> !user intelligence
<Chii[AR]> USER: no such user: intelligence
<DerIdiot> !user charisma
<Chii[AR]> USER: charisma (13749), anime votes: none yet, anime temp votes: none yet, episode votes: none yet, group votes: none yet, review votes: none yet, mylist: http://anidb.net/u13749 , vote list: http://anidb.net/v13749
<hrm> !user constitution
<Chii[AR]> USER: no such user: constitution
<DerIdiot> 3 more and we can play some D&D
#171 ( 1
+ / -
<benu> cleaning it was such a bitch
<Wlah> :s
<Wlah> what'd you use? spirits?
<Chrono63> elementals?
<Yukaia> mage?
<Fafnir> powar!
#172 ( 1
+ / -
<nwa> what is that? a shoujo anime Keitarou doesn't like? it didn't have enough ballet and yuri lolis for you, eh?
<Keitarou> ballet is awesome, fag
<nwa> you just said ballet is awsome and called me a fag, how does THAT make sense?
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