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<DesuWolf> oh wow
<DesuWolf> I didn't think a human body could contain that much liquids
<Crescens2k> you know that around 70% of the body is water right?
<DesuWolf> well most of it is bonded
<DesuWolf> I meant more like free flowing liquids
<pelican> you killed someone and was surprised by the amount of blood?
<DesuWolf> nah
<DesuWolf> I just puked the largest amount I've ever heard of
<DesuWolf> I weighted it since it was in a bowl
<DesuWolf> there was 5.5l of stuff
#246 ( -1
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<rar> learning how to spell dog is always my first port of call when beginning to write a new language
<windmage> yeah
<rar> dawg.
<windmage> if you didnt know that, how the fuck are you going to ask someone if you can fuck their dog??
<rar> windy's furry side surfaces again, with a vengance...
#457 ( -1
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<DarkIndy13> AniDB AntiLeech - Access Denied D:
<Chroniko> i still have no idea how you manage to get the ban
<DerIdiot> no wonder
<Keitarou> Adding data like chars but you wouldn't know. ;)
<DerIdiot> you add 3 character tops afterall
#494 ( -1
+ / -
<DeathWolf> I'm lord of the ass drillers
#520 ( -1
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<DerIdiot> or since when is pc not a platform
<Hinoe> it's not a platform, it's the platform. pc master race. :P
<Phishie> I've never understand the Nazi "Master Race" thing. As far as I can tell, other than the Olympics, they didn't do a lot of racing anyway. But which sport is best?
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* Boneti[BK] is now playing: Bad Boy Bill - Behind the Decks
* failure is now playing: Why should I care what you are playing @ 320kbps Stereo 48000Hz
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<rar> those would be easy to add, yes
<rar> really needs to be a standard function in the backend
<rar> but that is not exp/epoxi style
<DerIdiot> it is added for every page seperately?
<DerIdiot> why am i even asking
<rar> clearly.
<DerIdiot> copyninja.. eh copycoder exp
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<DerIdiot> right
<DerIdiot> that was dumb
<DerIdiot> you remember when you earlier asked me for stuff to put in winny?
<rar> yup
<DerIdiot> <rar> rule 冥王計画ゼオライマー + コミック or whatever works
<DerIdiot> i interpreted that as 2 rules
<rar> oh dear
<DerIdiot> just checked winny and it dl like mad
<rar> you know what コミック is?
<rar> komikku
<DerIdiot> now i do ^^;
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<Fafnir> just created a folder named "_stalled&crap" to free some space on my main hdds ...
<DerIdiot|work> you renamed your trashbin?
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<DerIdiot|Home> right
<DerIdiot|Home> should finally get the new lost ep
<nwa> what?
<nwa> Lost is live action
<DerIdiot|Home> your point nwa?
<nwa> you're not supposed to watch it, you're DerIdiot|away
<nwa> - |away
<DerIdiot|Home> no i'm not
<DerIdiot|Home> I'm DerIdiot|home
<nwa> that's just fucking hilarious, Baka -_-
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<rar> I'm a retard, and the baka is colourblind and styleless
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<@DerIdiot> "According to the Internet Filter Review, the net hosts 4 million porn websites (12 per cent of the total) and 372 million porn pages. In addition, porn features in 70 million daily search-engine requests (25 per cent of the total) and 2.5 billion daily emails (8 per cent of all emails)."
<+worf> too bad you cant recycle emails like newspapers
<+worf> you could make a fortune :p
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<apo> i never understoof the fascination of yaoi btw
<Sam> apo i can demonstrate irl if you want, you'd prolly enjoy it a lot, i have this hot guy at hand and all
<vargus> i would watch
<apo> Eh <_<
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<vargus> wii on bbc >_>
<%DerIdiot|Home> we are on bbc?
* %DerIdiot|Home waves
<%DerIdiot|Home> hi mom
* %DerIdiot|Home thinks he's funny
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<pelican> Just realised, the random anime link doesn't require redirection at all
<pelican> Just make it a permanent link to mind game
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* Neko-Musume has joined #mangareactor
<Neko-Musume> my nipples are all perky for no reason
<Five-Seven> we need to come up with a better greeting
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<DerIdiot> from a CREQ Comment: "sister juice is so good. it makes my wee wee grow big at night thinking about this. i wish i had a sister for sister juices."
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<slicksly> btw does anyone if mr. ghibli is retired or dead or wut cause both of these new ones are made by his son
#18 ( 0
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<nwa> ビージェイ <-- rar, what about that?
<rar> BJ? you being a bad boy nwa?
<nwa> animation work assistance credit for Tokkou
<nwa> http://www.be-j.com/
<rar> ooooh yeah
<rar> you're really trying cybersex with some japanese 12 year old
<nwa> she couldn't get me hard
<nwa> *wouldn't
<nwa> ^^;
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<vargus> btw sam, do you know of the small legendary army that's made of yaoi couples?
<Sam> Oo
<Sam> do i even WANNA know??
<vargus> roman one
<vargus> they didn't lose a battle for 33 years or so
<vargus> ha some yaoi knowledge i know and sam doesn't XD
<vargus> oh wait, that's nothing to be happy about
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<Digital_Ronin> at the very least Nanoha A's features some of the flashy plasma-battles of anime history...
<Gambit> so?
<Digital_Ronin> wellyeah, just imagine SailorMoon going SuperSayajin and you have Nanoha in season 2. =P
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* NekoBus Quit (Quit: No one ever says.. "When I grow up, I want to be a tentacle monster.")
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<Fafnir> only one with me :(
<Fafnir> I should say more stupidities
<Fafnir> even more
<DerIdiot> even more?
<DerIdiot> you sure the channel will be able to endure that?
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<ender> Opera über alles!
<Digital_Ronin> Opera has no OS-tan... which means it simply -has- to suck... =D
<DerIdiot> D_R doesn't use things that don't wear a skirt.
#25 ( 0
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<vargus> one was the sister and the other one the cousin
<vargus> there's also the cousin story
<Sam> cousins are okay
<Sam> cousins are only related
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* sputnik is bored
<Caster> commit suicide
<zeromind> suicide == boring
<sputnik> hehe
<+gidler> not necessarily
<+gidler> you could make it flashy
<zeromind> like slashing you head off with a katana in the city mall?
<+gidler> that sort of stuff, yeah, although you could still do a lot better
<zeromind> yeah...cutting your feet, legs & other arm first
<zeromind> requires quite some skill though
<+gidler> i mean more like giving traumatic experiences for young children
<zeromind> im pretty sure that'd give the spectating kids some traumas
<+gidler> true
<+gidler> i was thinking of slashing one's head off so that it falls in a pram
<+gidler> on the other hand that affects less people
<zeromind> yeah..the child wouldnt care i guess
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<+worf> !anime genius party
<@Chii[AR]> ANIME: Genius Party (2972), Year: 2005, DB: 0 eps/0 files, More info: http://anidb.info/a2972
<d0diro> is that an anime about us?
<+worf> actually its about me, myself and i
<d0diro> which one of the three is the smartest?
<+worf> that would be me
<@pelican> "me is the smartest", eh?
#28 ( 0
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* d0diro puts zeromind in a maids costume
* zeromind dances
<zeromind> weeee~
* zeromind accidenly drops his ribbon and bends down to pick it up again
<bbaab> Don't we have #yaoireactor somewhere for this stuff?
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<DeathGod> when i want to download a anime, there is "ed2k hash: (link)" but there sould be "irc: (link) and i have erased my bearshare and installed hydrairc, and why isn't there "irc: (link) #
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<bager-wrk> but dont you have those no-limits highways?
<bager-wrk> i love those :)
<vargus> nolimit just makes it more dangerous ;)
<vargus> and more stuffed
<bager-wrk> it makes it more fun :)
<Sam> if you crashed into a truck and teh guardrail....ah well
<bager-wrk> so? whats the problem? if you did that, you wouldnt be talking here. so no prob
<DerIdiot> she did
<Sam> i did it
<vargus> she did
<Five-Seven-> she did
<bager-wrk> ...
<Five-Seven-> anyone else?
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<Sam> it's not me personally but more like my kind dies
<Sam> *does
<vargus> *kid
<Gambit|BUSY> lol
#32 ( 0
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* Wlah Quit (QUIT: Contemplate on this: What do you believe in? - and how does it affect your life?)
<Gambit|BUSY> I believe in anime, and it eats up all my free time.
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<PetriW> rmt = real money trade!!!
<Gambit|BUSY> No no, PetriW
<Gambit|BUSY> That stands for 'Rock My Toothbrush'.
<PetriW> !
<EXP[BUSY]> nah it stands for rapid mass termination
<Gambit|BUSY> rapid mass terbation?
<Gambit|BUSY> Dammit, nwa isn`t even here to shout that this is his kind of pun
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* Sam is eaiting a honeymelon-half with yoghurt and rasberry-jam in the cavity
<Sam> yum^^
<DerIdiot> yuck honeymelon
<Sam> geez
<Sam> WHAT did you like actually?
<DerIdiot> myself
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<Kaspar> Boneti german too?
<DerIdiot> ex german now canadian
<vargus> enemy of all americans
<DerIdiot> only because that's the only country they cna find on the map
<DerIdiot> barely even
#36 ( 0
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<requiem> egad i hate lag
<requiem> computer is being a bitch
<DerIdiot> you didn't knew that pc are female? they cost lots of money and never do what you want them to do
<Five-Seven-> atleast mine doesn't have pms
<Five-Seven-> so it must be pre-teen
<DerIdiot> pedopc
<DerIdiot> does it bleed when you plug an usbcable in?
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<Dj_LifeForm|K> I don't think Gambit would've survived being in a very SOCIAL setting
<Dj_LifeForm|K> :D
<Silver> Mafioso - that explains why Gambit's never been
<Gambit|WakingUp> DK: Uh ... I social
<Dj_LifeForm|K> Who is DK?
#38 ( 0
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<apo> i'm bad at german... and with this teacher it's even worse
<apo> oh
<apo> he doesn't suck as much as i said (the teacher)
<Belial> no it's you who sucks, that was obvious :)
<apo> thanks
<apo> you suck too :)
<Belial> so? that's how i've written all my english exams in my LK the last two years
<Belial> i know, i suck most excellent :D
<vargus> oO;;
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<Vinegar> "Text on 4chan is for me like nipples on men: in the wrong place to be of any use." - IMSabbel
#40 ( 0
+ / -
<Ophiuchus> Alrighty then... Time for question #4 of my takehome-exam.
<deadcat> too much anime... i read that as "tamahome"
#41 ( 0
+ / -
* Ardiendo beats deadcat to live
<Ardiendo> live bitch! live!
<Ardiendo> first one: *life
<deadcat> i'm a cat, dammit, not a dog
<KingFish> ...
<Ardiendo> live pussy! live!
#42 ( 0
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nwa> #Kraglepop is looking for an encoder for our series. NO experience needed, but you must be good. <-- rofl
#43 ( 0
+ / -
KingFish> d'oh
KingFish> that's the right button ^^;
DerIdiot> did you just nuke some country?
#44 ( 0
+ / -
Dell2000> !list
* Gambit|Random sets mode: +b Dell2000!*WinNT@d211-31-248-104.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au
* Dell2000 was kicked by Gambit|Random (Congratulations! You won today`s stupidity award for not reading the topic! Your prize: A 40 secs trip to the outskirts of IRC, where we can`t see you.)
Seiong> whoops
Kashia> XD
Five-Seven-> ...idiot
Seiong> stupid guy
Ardiendo> is that the message he's sending out to the world?
Ardiendo> never buy a Dell?
Seiong> lol
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<ID|Whatever> oh, my Canal-chan is a nasty computer
<DonGato> anal-chan?! O_o
<DerIdiot> i expected that from hannibal
<DerIdiot> and then i noticed it was dongato saying it
<DerIdiot> did hannibal get you into his analprobes hobby now as well? :P
<DonGato> hannibal is the only perv here? :P
<DonGato> It could have been nwa or Ultima as well. :P
* ID|Whatever stabs DonGato in the face
<DerIdiot> nah if it's anal it's hannibal
<ID|Whatever> Canal chan... with a C
<DerIdiot> i mean just check he has it even in his name hANnibAL
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Sam> religion is getting weirder than usual
Sam> 1. The penis is Kind. It exists mainly as a tool for servicing the woman, and in this it keeps on giving and giving.
Sam> 2. The penis is Righteous. It is not selfish. It performs its duty, yet it is empty on the inside, a hollow tube, with nothing of its own.
Sam> 3. The penis is Courteous. It is polite. It advances or retreats at the right time. It is hard or soft at the right time. It is shaped neither squarely, nor is it pointed or sharp edged. It will neither hurt nor show lack of discipline.
Sam> 4. The penis is Wise. It knows how to find a way to please the woman, and it will do whatever is in its power to satisfy her.
Sam> 5. The penis is Honest. It will keep labouring until it completes its duty. If it cannot fulfill its duty it gives up completely. It is completely honest. If it likes you it stands up straight. If it does not it becomes indifferent.
#47 ( 0
+ / -
* DerIdiot has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* DerIdiot has joined #anidb-ops
<DerIdiot> gah
<DerIdiot> >_<
* rar plays bouncy all with the baka
<nwa> hih
<DerIdiot> now lets see if it stays stable ~_~
<rar> +b
<DerIdiot> ?
* DerIdiot has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<rar> ...
<rar> I'm starting a little fundraiser
<rar> to get the baka onto a BETTER FUCKING ISP
<nwa> I didn't get the +b thingie
<rar> I missed a b
* rar plays bouncy *b*all with the baka
<nwa> why the b there?
<rar> ball.
<rar> round thing
<rar> you can buy these little hard rubber balls that bounce really well
<rar> and chuck it in a room it just stays bouncing around for ever
<nwa> I've had those, I've plaid with them dakkusan
<nwa> then you should've said balllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
<nwa> the l key got stuck
<nwa> actually my finger got stuck on it
<nwa> because I'm such a tard
#48 ( 0
+ / -
<nwa> aah
<nwa> home alone for 4 days again
<nwa> now I can do my anal!
<nwa> and a lot other geeky stuff
<DerIdiot> so everything as usual :P
<nwa> yeah
<nwa> just that now I can do it without anyone watching
<DerIdiot> as soon as you disable the webcam hannibal put into your room that will actually be the case
<nwa> I can't find it
<nwa> he can jack off on my amazing body if he wants
<nwa> *to
<nwa> on = to!!!!
<nwa> >_<
#49 ( 0
+ / -
<nwa> Im gunna go adn do som lub lub baking, swangin' my brther ;););););)=-D
<DerIdiot> if i did understand that right he wants soem lube and is gonna swang some "brothers"
<DerIdiot> that doesn't sound healthy

--the next day--

<nwa> there's some blood on the pillow
<nwa> weird
#52 ( 0
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rar> EXP[BUSY]: My girlfriend has been cold to me the last few weeks. I think she's seeing someone else. How can I find out the truth?
EXP[BUSY]> rar, join them
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