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<twnqx> i have one pc and onee laptop
<hrm> onee-chan laptop?
<deriDIOt> onee, imoutwo
<deriDIOt> is that how we count now?
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<worf> i was wondering why the online portal i use to check the bus time tables and such wanted me to switch from bus to tram to get to the train station
<worf> ... i selected Hauptfriedhof (main graveyard) instead of Hauptbahnhof (main trainstation) >.>
<zero> grave mistake
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<Phishie> hey hey hey zeromind. no lewding of Raphtalia
<zeromind> lewd all the things
<hrm> every girl deserves to be lewded
<hrm> think how sad it would be for a girl never to be lewded at all
<Phishie> To be [lewded], or not to be [lewded]? That is the question.
<Phishie> Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer clothed lolis, The bikinis and panty-shots of outrageous fortune,
<Phishie> Or to take upskirts against a sea of JKs
<Phishie> And by opposing end them. To fap—to sleep,
<deriDIOt> so now we know what Phishie does all day long. lewding shakespear
<Phishie> I was sad to find out that even in Fate:GO, Shakespeare still ends up as a guy.
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<worf> the fuck
<worf> why is the snmp feature installation taking so long? -.-
<msr> open procmon and find out? :P
<worf> debugging dism with procmon. sounds like a lot of fun
<deriDIOt> i read pokemon there and it still made sense with worf as context
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<Chii[AR]> ANIME: W`z (13934), also known as ウィズ, Year: 2019-, DB: 4 eps/4 files, More info: https://anidb.net/a13934
<hrm> eww, that looks shit
<zero> probably as good as handshakers, same company

- later that day -
<Lafiel[AR]> ANIME RELATION ADDED: Hand Shakers is prequel of W`z - http://anidb.net/ar13934
<Lafiel[AR]> ANIME RELATION ADDED: W`z is sequel of Hand Shakers - http://anidb.net/ar12008